Visual identity system


Kirk Office Equipment


Revive a long-established office supply brand to protect market share and boost sales in the face of strong local and online competition.

The initial brand audit painted the picture of Kirk Office Equipment as a solid, dependable enterprise with a core of loyal corporate customers, a dedicated and responsive staff, and a competitive range of brands to offer. But with its somewhat misleading name, premises covered with supplier brand signage and confusing retail layout, the business did little to counter the customer's mixed perception: is this a computer supply store, an office products outlet, or a business systems consulting group?


The key breakthrough was the client team accepting that with a one-time investment of capital and effort, the high recurring cost of above-line marketing could be avoided. A new, focused brand identity and clear positioning, not aggressive advertising, was the answer.

BB&P determined that the high-traffic location of the business was its best asset and began work on an eye-catching and simple identity that, once applied to its premises and large vehicle fleet, would quickly raise street-level visibility.

By dispensing with the 'Equipment' qualifier in its name, Kirk Office at once reflected what customers actually say as well as raising the brand name's visual impact. The name change also reflected its broadened business proposition.

The shortened title was expressed as a type signature contained within an angled square - the inspiration for which is that most ubiquitous of office supplies, the sticky note. Using a bright, tropical colour combination of bright blue and green, the jaunty new mark and its supporting livery was applied inside and out.


The early results are hard to over-state. A vastly improved customer experience, impossible to ignore street-level visibility, better general market awareness, boosted footfall and buoyant staff morale are all immediate outcomes of the Kirk Office rebrand. As far as sales figures and market share improvement are concerned, time will tell - certainly we will be watching with positive anticipation.