About BB&P

Solving your business challenges by means of communications. That’s pretty much what BB&P does for you. And we’ll apply a range of creative, digital and strategy disciplines to achieve your objectives in the most coherent way possible.


Whether it’s a company, a product, a service or an issue, we’ll plan, conceive and roll out the brand identity programme to differentiate it in any market context.


From a one-off campaign to a long-range creative platform, we’ll work with your marketing team to bring your brand to life across virtually every media channel.


Beyond mere aesthetics, beyond even usability and the success of the user interface, interactive design should be driven by the wider aspirations of your brand.


All our websites are built to satisfy today's demanding multi-device users. Whether viewing on desktop, tablet or your smartphone, your website will shine.


Blurring the line between marketing and entertainment, we conceptualise, produce, and distribute compelling content that connects your brand with consumers.


Struggling with a tricky business challenge? The BB&P team will help you develop effective communication programmes that meet your objectives within cost and time parameters.


Find out how we grew from a humble creative boutique into today's brand and interactive powerhouse. Read more.


Simon Barwick

Simon founded BB&P in 1982. Prior to that he was Art Director in Miami, Florida. With a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design from St Martin’s School of Art, London, Simon has decades of international marketing, advertising and branding experience. In addition to his degree, Simon was trained by Marcello Minale at the UK’s Design & Art Direction organisation.

Creative Director + Principal

Claire Thomas

Claire has over 20 years marketing experience in the UK, New Zealand and the Caribbean, with particular emphasis in the telecoms industry. Arriving in Cayman in 2001, Claire joined the then Cable & Wireless as Senior Regional Marketing Communications Manager responsible for 12 territories. Claire now manages a number of client portfolios at BB&P.

Client Services Senior

Wade Ebanks

Joining BB&P in 1998, Wade is truly a creative powerhouse. Exuding a serenity that pervades the studio, he brings a remarkable natural visual talent to every project he works on whether digital or analogue. When he isn’t sprinkling his magic creative dust on to a project brief, you’ll find him solving perplexing IT and DTP problems for the rest of the team

Creative / Senior Designer

Babbity Barwick

After graduating from St Martin’s School of Art, London, in 1982 with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, Babbity worked as a graphic designer at PA Design, Michael Peters Design and then in the BBC broadcast graphic design department. Joining BB&P in 1987, Babbity is now a principal of the agency and is responsible for Planning and Client Services.

Client Services + Principal

Biddi Barwick

With roots in the Isle of Skye, Biddi has settled into tropical life admirably. Where once she specialised in dispatching rats, she now keeps an ever watchful eye out for the invasive green iguana. Clients, thanks to Biddi, your cars will be kept spotless.

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