A top scholarship captures the high ground


Dart Group


Create a distinct presence for a scholarship programme that was previously regarded as a secondary feature of its sister learning programme.

Among the most generous available to Cayman students, Dart’s annual scholarships provide an opportunities for students to study at both local high schools and international universities. Greater recognition and overall prestige of the programme was diminished, however, by an indistinct and split identity.

Formally titled as, respectively, the Minds Inspired High School Scholarship and the William A Dart Memorial University Scholarship, the public missed the true significance of the annual award.


Our recommendation was to separate the Dart scholarships from the otherwise expanding Minds Inspired programme and create a totally new positioning to be known as Dart Scholar.

The focus instantly shifted from separate scholarships to a collective presence for both the student awardee and Dart. It was clear that recognition and prestige would more naturally accrue, especially as Dart Scholar became the natural colloquial within the community.

We developed a distinct new visual identity to launch and support Dart Scholar, including a more functional and intuitive website.


Dart Scholar is quickly establishing itself as a higher-level destination for participants in its highly popular sister programme, Minds Inspired.

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