Cayman Cookout at Camana Bay event website


Camana Bay


Develop a mobile compatible website that showcases the new town centre of Camana Bay and its three award-winning restaurants during Cayman Cookout, the premier culinary event in the busy Cayman calendar.


The answer: a web app which guided foodies through the event schedule and highlighted the many sub-events on offer. BB&P's concept focused on seductive imagery to convey the rich yet informal nature of the experience, while also expressing the spirit and experience of the featured celebrity and local chefs. By building with the latest web standards, BB&P ensured the site had the best chance of natural SEO. Clever copywriting was used to optimise key word search so that the site quickly gained top rankings across the major search engines.


Cayman Cookout at Camana Bay quickly gained online recognition, directly attributing to online ticket sales and event hype.

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