Helping a rental agency to shine


BCQS Property Management


Exploit the power of brand to help a small property rental agency compete against dominant rivals and capture market share.


The first task was to position BCQS Rentals as a business in its own right, rather than what had been operating as a mere sub-service of a larger property management group that was already well-established in the market.

Tightening up the brand mark, developing a modified colour palette, boosting the outdoor presence and underpinning the marketing mix with a new, fit-for-purpose website - these were all important to create almost instant visibility in the market.


BCQS Rentals quickly went from being a stealth outfit known to a handful of devotees to a serious player in the property rentals sector. Though still in the initial establishment phase, site traffic - the true measure of business growth - is building significantly month-on-month.

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