A sporting chance for a start-up apparel retailer




Create a unique positioning, name and visual identity for a start-up sports apparel retailer in a market already well served by traditional sports suppliers.


The younger sister company to Futbolista, an established store specialising in the jerseys of major South American and European soccer franchises, the as-yet unnamed start-up wants to position itself as a retailer of high-end sports fashion rather than merely sports gear.

What better name to communicate this differentiation than ‘Sportista’?

While selling top brands are the key focus for Sportista, the potential for own-brand merchandising is also obvious. We create a unique wordmarque that both expresses the new name while also being easy to apply across a wide range of clothing.

A dramatic and active colour palette, high quality imagery drawn from feature brands, and a comprehensive online suite combine to support signage and impact graphics in the new retail space.


Now established in the market’s most popular and prestigious retail environment, Sportista is already enjoying high volumes of footfall and has become the go-to supplier for the fashion-conscious, physically-active segment.