Boosting the Data Habit


LIME Cayman Islands


Make mobile data ever more a part of daily connected life

LIME Cayman had recently spent $30 million on a fancy new network, including a world-class 4G LTE overlay. Through sustained marketing efforts they also successfully migrated large numbers of customers, especially those on pre-paid plans, to fancy new smartphones.

Yet, even with a well-enabled customer base, data use remained stubbornly sluggish. Sure, people were signing up to plans but they weren’t actually burning through them.

All-in-all, we needed to get customers to up their plans, and up their daily data consumption.


The first step was to shift the perception of data as being expensive and something to eke out sparingly. LIME’s plan pricing had improved vastly along with local network capacity and mobile data was no longer a thing for corporates or the very rich.

LIME offered a series of Free Data Weekends during the promotion period, allowing signed-up customers to enjoy the full mobile data experience without any cost anxiety.

Along with data-ready smartphone offers bundled with data, the campaign focused on mobile data’s liberating promise of a life untethered to homebound wifi or broadband.

This was translated into the campaign’s call-to-action, ‘Big Your Life’, which featured a trio of young twenty-somethings on an ideal weekend of Island fun. Each scenario highlighted the benefits of going larger, hitting bigger, achieving more.


LIME saw dramatic increases in traffic during the campaign period and particularly through the Free Data Weekends. And, gratifyingly, even with the huge uptake, the network proved itself magnificently. New customer acquisitions, handset sales and migrations to higher tier data plans were all positive results of the campaign overall.