Rolling out a new mobile network


LIME Cayman Islands


Encourage a market shift to 4G LTE - the latest, greatest mobile platform

Long gone are the days when mobile meant simply voice. In developed markets, at least, 3G and growth of data-on-the-go ensured that most consumers had moved to smartphones. But mobile internet, with all the possibilities of unfettered rich media, truly came of age with the arrival of a new mobile technology - 4G LTE.

As ever, the challenge is to convince the audience of the benefits of a technology they‘re yet to experience, and convince them to abandon expensive devices in favour of perhaps costlier handsets and plans.

Added to this challenge, for our client LIME, was the fact that they were not the first to market with 4G LTE.


While not being able to rely on the first-to-market claim, the key differentiator for LIME was its geographic coverage. In keeping with its history as a universal service provider, LIME invested in complete coverage of 4G LTE across all three Cayman Islands.

The company had publicly heralded its ambition of providing seamless superfast internet via its new 4G LTE mobile and Superfast Broadband networks to every customer, irrespective of where they were. Although Superfast Broadband was still in its early roll-out stage, it was important to link the two networks in the consumer‘s mind - reinforcing LIME‘s ’total provider‘ positioning.

Framed within the by-now established ’Upgrade Cayman‘ platform, the advertising demonstrated both the network‘s geography and its capability by simply showing real-life customers using the network in far-flung but recognisable locales in all three Islands. Warm, lyrical imagery in the first part of the campaign gave way to harder-hitting handset and plan offers.


The campaign succeeded in creating immediate recognition of LIME 4G LTE as the more robust and more widely accessible 4G LTE network. It also confirmed LIME as the preferred local provider. And since, at launch, LIME was the only 4G LTE network that supported the wildly popular iPhone 5 new customer acquisition hit an all-time high.

LIME re-established itself firmly as the most dominant mobile provider in the market.