Flying a kite for Cancer Support


Kite for Cancer

Mobilise a sporting community to raise funds for cancer patients.

Battling cancer, with all its attendant complications, is notoriously tough for the patient and for their family. Kite for Cancer was formed in 2015 to help raise funds for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society in their effort to provide material and moral support to people in the community facing the often devastating effects of the disease.

Kite for Cancer’s big idea was to mount an all-out kite board race - the Estera Little Grand Race 2019 - across the 90 nautical miles between the islands of Grand and Little Cayman.

Sounds simple enough until you factor in the enormous logistical support required to get those kiters from A to B. Kite for Cancer needed to recruit the participating kiters as well as the interest of support boat owners, skipper and crew. Each team needed generous sponsors to underwrite the costs, shore support, transport and accommodation. Not to mention the organisational infrastructure necessary to make the entire project happen.

Kite for Cancer realised it needed a strong, motivating brand to help get the message out, and develop a suite of campaign elements to build the momentum that would culminate in the race itself as well as meet the fund raising target.


Beginning with a simple yet flexible core visual identity, the next task was to develop a core web site that would reach sponsors, participants and volunteers.

A robust social media platform supported the core site while targeted emails, apparel and environmental graphics created a strong presence around the project as it progressed from the early training days, promotional events and the Race Day itself


Even by Race Day, Estera LGR2019 had nearly met its fund raising target of USD200,000. Follow-up fund-raising was projected to more than achieve the target. As a result, Kite for Cancer has become the single biggest fund-raiser for the Cayman Islands Cancer Society.

Some nine teams participated, underwritten by the support of over 60 companies, and the Race went off without a hitch - despite challenging sea conditions on the passage.

All-in-all, Estera Little Grand Race 2019 was so successful and the public attention was considerable enough that the Race is likely to be repeated in the not-too-distant future.

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