Motor insurance, version 2


Island Heritage Insurance


Build on the success of Island Heritage’s first foray into the motor insurance market.

Just a year after launching their first suite of motor insurance products, Island Heritage were ready to roll out a trunk full of improvements including early-payment incentives, 24-hour roadside assistance and multi-policy discounts.

The aim was to let existing and prospective customers know about the upgraded products and encourage take-up via established direct channels. A key creative objective was to bring the brand mascot, Sonny, to life - if possible, through television.


Working within the established campaign style of the Motor I launch, we place Sonny front and centre in a series of messages that each focus on a key product benefit.

The high-profile media mix included television, daily press, outdoor and the full compliment of online channels.


Significant increases across market awareness, online traffic, footfall and incremental sales were registered within weeks of the campaign breaking. We’re pleased to note that Sonny, particularly, is tracking well in customer surveys.