Motor insurance - taking the direct route


Island Heritage Insurance


Encourage vehicle owners to get insurance quotes directly from the insurance provider.

Most insurance buyers see insurance as nothing better than a necessary evil, and one that is tedious to arrange.

Insurance companies typically counter this audience antipathy by playing the discount card. But when pricing in the market is already under pressure, another way to acquire new customers - and incremental growth - must be found.


We worked with our client, Island Heritage, to look closely at their sales process for new policies - especially from a customer's point-of-view.

What could be done better? What steps could we eliminate? What service promise could be made that could be operationally guaranteed?

Above all, how do we make acquiring insurance as easy as possible.

Audience insight told us that the majority of prospective customers want and expect to get motor insurance quotes online. Regulatory and local market realities, however, meant that an entirely automated quotation system wasn't yet a possibility. With Island Heritage we developed a work-around which included an online application page coupled with automated response and improved underwriter processing to deliver a three-step quote system.

Once in place, Island Heritage's direct motor proposition was ready to go to market. With the top objective being to drive online quote traffic, aggressive digital advertising formed the core of the strategy. Island Heritage was able to exploit its already well-established online audience through remarketing but to support this activity, we developed a suite of real-world tactics including press, radio, outdoor and point-of-sale.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of the Island Heritage Direct campaign, however, was the debut of Sonny. In a continuation of the tradition of animal mascots representing insurance brands, Sonny will be Island Heritage's spokes-parrot. Cayman consumers will get to know Sonny over future campaigns as he extolls the virtues of buying quality insurance direct from the carrier.


Early estimates indicate a heavier volume of traffic, week on week, in online requests for motor cover.

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