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Connect with digitally enabled expats and residents who are just beginning their financial planning.

Saving for retirement needs to start early in a career, yet most young professionals start too late because they don't know how to go about investing their money.

This problem is compounded by uncertainty inherent in living in an offshore jurisdiction, where the laws and rules are constantly in flux over what money you are allowed to take with you when you leave, and what you might have to leave behind.


We worked with International Financial Planning (IFP) to assess their target audience, and clearly understand what that group was looking for when it came to raising awareness for an independent financial advisor. We also did a broad evaluation of what was on offer from other international financial planners around the world, to broaden both our, and IFP's, sense of their global competition.

It quickly became clear to us that the web project was not so much a question of using the latest technologies (which we did) or the latest in flat design techniques (which we also did), but instead a question of precise, focused communication. We flipped the traditional international financial advisor messaging on its head, by moving away from a company-centric 'These are the products we offer' to a customer centric 'How do I plan for a better financial future?'.

It was crucial to also communicate that IFP was a local outfit that had strong ties to the community, and was committed to helping both expats and locals alike invest their money smartly in an uncertain financial world.


With a new website now live, IFP is steadily establishing themselves as the premier independent financial advisor in both Cayman and Bermuda. Coupled with a sophisticated online advertising program, IFP are well positioned to grow their local and expat client base and business.

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