A boutique firm gets a new signature


Global Funds Management


As well-established funds management firm needs a small but significant tweak to its brandmark.


It’s always pleasing when a client comes back to you to brush up a visual identity that you originally developed for them. Having originally launched a decade or so previously as a two-company group offering funds management and family office services, the brand was consolidating under a single entity to be known as GFM.

Whereas before, the core brandmark was a simple interpretation of the lowercase letters g and f (supported by either the descriptor Management or Family Office), the client wanted henceforth to be simply known as GFM.

Turned out, it wasn’t as simple as adding a lowercase m to the existing signature - the original type style didn’t accommodate the addition. Instead, we opted to create an entirely new signature using an appropriately modern typographic style and one that delivered a pleasing and balanced effect.


Applying the new brand mark to a moderately refreshed supporting visual identity system worked well. Our happy client is enjoying the positive feedback from their sophisticated client base and is looking forward to at least another decade of prosperity.