Liberating sports tv via mobile




Boost downloads of Flow Sports mobile app and free viewing of Flow Sports 1 channel.

In the Caribbean, people often subscribe to than one mobile network; a headache for providers for whom loyalty and reducing customer churn is key to success.

It made sense, then, for Flow to offer its customers free viewing of its popular Flow Sports 1 channel via its mobile app. Major sports events, live in full HD, directly to your phone - that’s a good incentive to stick with one network.

Our task was to get the word out to a key segment - young adult males.


Since accessing and using the product itself is entirely within the digital realm, it made sense to reach the audience as much as possible via online so as to shorten the distance between the proposition and fulfilment.

With an almost too-good-to-be-true offer (who doesn’t want to watch free sports on their mobile?), we kept the message short and simple. The visuals featured the tension, anguish and excitement of being a sports fan in that moment where your team wins or loses - all while watching the action via mobile phone. And by dressing the fans in a range of apparel we could cover the sports that are most popular in the region.

Radio, outdoor and POS supported the online campaign. Every element of the mix pointed the prospect to fulfilling and activating the Flow Sports app.


Rapid awareness and take-up of the offer across all Flow’s regional markets.