New inspiration for an education brand


Dart Group


Make STEM learning ‘cool’ and exciting. Boost participation amongst local high schools. Spotlight the brand owner.

The Dart Group passionately believe in the power of education to lift society as a whole - especially when it comes to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects. They back up that belief with a fully-supported learning series for high school students known as Minds Inspired.

They needed a vibrant brand platform that evoked the sophistication and variety of the programme; one that would intrigue bright high school students, their teachers and parent.


Beginning with a refresh of the existing Minds Inspired visual identity, we rationalised the entire communications platform from display and collateral materials to print advertising and a full online suite.

Based on the insight that it’s real experiences that adolescents respond to, we recommended a shift away from the typical press-release style content that focused exclusively on academic prizes being presented to prize winners. ‘Action, not Awards’ became the mantra that guides an entirely new and exciting visual style for Minds Inspired.


Minds Inspired is Cayman’s pre-eminent learning series outside of the school system. The general reception of the new platform has been amazingly encouraging - especially among the core audiences that matter: students, their teachers and parents.

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