Being aware of the watchdog


Ombudsman Cayman Islands


Introducing and positioning a new official body for citizen’s rights.

The office of Ombudsman is a common feature of civic society across the world, but for Cayman Islands citizens, the concept of making a complaint against the government or the police never really seemed a possibility, nor was there the expectation that a complaint would be satisfactorily resolved.

When the Cayman Islands Ombudsman was established for the first time, the main task was to first create awareness of its existence, and then to explain its role and how a citizen would use it.


Recognising that building trust in the office of the Ombudsman is as much about personality as it is about legal framework, we put the actual Ombudsman and her team front and centre of the new brand platform.

Encouraging and fostering complaints may sound counter-intuitive, but this is the life blood for an Ombudsman. After all, if public servants knows that a mechanism exists to efficiently handle complaints against them, performance and behaviour overall should improve.

Using the theme of ‘Talk to the O’, we created a set of messages to remind citizens that they don’t need to put up with unfair official treatment - or even corruption - and how they can easily lodge a complaint.

The centrepiece of the campaign is a comprehensive website which both educates the public and provides simple-to-use resources to make a complaint.


The public is beginning to recognise not only the office but also the Ombudsman and her team as people. As confidence quickly gathers, enquiries and complaints via all available channels are building - particularly via the website.

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