Helping goats take the high ground


Cayman Brac Goat Farms


Develop a unique brand for a unique enterprise: Bluff Farms is a relatively new venture that’s raising elite Boer and Savanna goat breeds on top of Cayman Brac’s bluff. The ultimate aim for the brand is to establish goat as the gourmet meat of choice for higher-end consumers who would never typically think of buying or eating it. The first step is to develop a visual identity that reflects this premium positioning.


On the face of it, the initial brief called simply for a visual identity for a farm, we understood that the core brand mark would have to compete at a retail point-of-sale level. We need the consumer to quickly connect Bluff Farms gourmet goat meat and its local provenance - distinguishing it from beef or pork meat imported from around the world.

The visual solution lay in the iconography of the distinctive Boer/Savanna physiology (not your typical village goat) and the dramatic profile of Cayman Brac’s Bluff.

With its traditional type forms and active colour palette, the resulting brandmark expresses the confident dynamism of a goat enjoying the free range freedom of a rising tropical island.


Frankly, too early to tell. The visual identity is, at time of writing, being rolled out across the Bluff Farms operation. Marketing and promotion, which will bring wider brand exposure, is yet to begin. In the meantime, word-of-mouth interest is developing to the point where Bluff Farms is selling every pound of its gourmet goat meat as soon as it’s produced. Watch this space for developments.