Casa Luna residences Brand identity and websites


Javelin Holdings


Ahead of construction, create a strong presence for a high-end collection of individual ocean-front homes. The key aim was to yield sufficient interest from ready buyers so that a minimum number of sales would allow the project to proceed. And all this in the midst of probably the weakest property market in modern times.


Working with its most notable strengths - a legendary location on Grand Cayman’s southwest shore and attendant views of the sun and moon set - we first worked with the client team to develop a name. Casa Luna was the favourite out of several good candidates and complimented the community’s classic Mediterranean architecture.

But the site itself provided the inspiration for the Casa Luna brandmark. For many years it was home to informal, though luxuriously positioned, stables. Thus, a pair of seahorses framing the C-shaped moon seemed to best invoke Casa Luna’s heritage.

With a stand-out brand identity now established, our interactive team set about designing an immersive and user-friendly online experience. The first step was to re-think the traditional real estate pitch and create a new, mobile-first platform that really connected with high net worth prospects.

The innovative, fully-responsive design allows users to get to the information they want - when and where they want it. Crucially, the Casa Luna site avoids the typical experience of reading a sales brochure online and instead becomes an interactive digital guide. The site also allows for large and immersive image walkthroughs and detailed floor plans, together completely modernising the canvas for real estate sales.


The roadside construction hoardings, in tandem with the digital experience, very quickly announced the birth of Casa Luna and established a powerful brand presence. The crucial early sales targets were also reached, meaning the project went into full-scale development.

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