The Best Dressed Chicken rules the roost


Jamaica Broilers Group


How does a Jamaican chicken brand outcompete the giant US producers?

Ask a shopper in a Jamaican supermarket, “Which chicken should I buy?”, chances are they’ll reply, “Best Dressed”. For good reason, too. The Best Dressed Chicken has been produced in Jamaica since the 1950s using all-natural, no added hormone practices. The result is a perfectly tender and tasty chicken which outsells every other Jamaican brand.

Knowing they had a world-class product, Jamaica Broilers began to export, beginning with the nearby Cayman Islands market. The Jamaican diaspora accounted for nearly all the sales in the early days but market share slowly grew as a few locals also discovered the superiority of this regional brand over the dominant US brands that filled the Supermarket freezer displays.

But the bigger opportunity lay in making The Best Dressed Chicken the poultry brand of choice across all segments of the market. The brand’s managers particularly wanted to grow demand among the more affluent segments for their premium free range product.


Harness the consumer’s increasing desire for both higher quality and the provenance of the food they’re buying. Rather than submitting to the misperception that everything imported from the US is the best, the key was to position The Best Dressed Chicken as the fresher, local option.

We could rightly highlight the natural methods and the rigorous international standards governing how the chicken is raised. All in an environment familiar to Caribbean people.

We also explained how it was the brand of choice for Cayman’s premium restaurants, receiving glowing endorsements from local celebrity chefs.

The integrated campaign rolled out across a wide range of channels from point-of-sale to outdoor, from press to radio to online display.


In the first quarter of the campaign, The Best Dressed Chicken has seen dramatic growth in both consumer brand awareness and orders across the wholesale food sector. The Cayman strategy may well become a template for Jamaica Broilers’ future growth into other larger Caribbean markets.

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