Creating a fit-for-purpose identity


Align Physical Therapy


Develop a visual identity for a new entrant to the relatively crowded fitness and health sector. Being a start-up in this field can be a daunting task, especially when there are long-established competitors who virtually own the category.


The first task is to define what sets the new challenger apart from the market-leader. In Align’s case, it’s the offering of a formal physical therapy practice combined with complete wellness support. For the patients, Align goes far beyond merely treating a patient’s immediate symptoms and results in a more strategic approach to their overall physical wellbeing.

Working with a brand name given to us by the client, we developed the visual concept of balance inherent in the word ‘Align’. This evokes the importance of balance in basic physical terms, in one’s lifestyle generally and more specifically in the professional approach to treatment.

Careful review of the competitive brand landscape helped us determine tone and style, and led to to the combined colour palette that supports the identity.


On the eve of launching the brand into the Cayman market, we’re expecting to quickly establish Align as one of the leading competitors in this area of the health services sector.