Ben Leftwich | April 4, 2016

Rolling out SCRUM for the whole agency

Are you SCRUMMY?

That was the refrain from the non-digital side of BB&P for quite some time, always wondering what the digital team was doing with their planning poker, SCRUM boards, and daily standups.

To help drop the veil of mystery, and to give greater visibility across the agency for all projects, we recently decide to roll out SCRUM across BB&P.

We already used JIRA to organise the digital workflow so it was simply a matter of adding in the non-digital projects into JIRA, assigning tasks, and making sure all the boards played nicely together.

Anyone who has used JIRA knows it’s not the most user-friendly program (I’m sure they can put some of that $5.8 billion to good use on UX designers).

Each piece of work that comes in now has a dedicated project and confluence space in JIRA to share critical project information, develop a task list for all staff as well as can be developed, and then daily standups are held in the agency.

All boards fall into a master work board for the agency that we all have visibility into so we can all see what we’re working on at any given time. It takes some work to keep it all organised, but helps to avoid the question: “what’s so-and-so working on today”?

We started with the standard 2-week sprints, but felt like that wasn’t accelerating work through the agency quickly enough so, to speed up delivery, we’ve since moved to 1-week sprints.

It’s taking some time for those who haven’t had the chance to be certified in SCRUM to get comfortable with the new system, but the greater visibility is already proving invaluable. We plan to continue to experiment with the system as we get into a new groove with it to figure out what works and what doesn’t for our team.

At the very least, everyone now knows why the digital team has always been SCRUMMY.

Ben Leftwich

Account Director