Rob Barton | March 14, 2013

Rich media, the old school way

There was a time when Flash was the de-facto for rich media on the web, but who would have thought that JavaScript – one of the web’s oldest languages – alongside HTML5 would make such an impact in such a short space of time. With WebGL becoming standard in all the standards-based browsers, other than Microsoft, there’s now a real viable option for what I call becoming ‘platform agnostic’.

To get a feel for what’s possible with Web GL, check out the making of Rome, the highly acclaimed music video from legendary producer Danger Mouse. With some help from the Google Labs crew they’ve managed to take a huge leap forward by taking a few steps back. up or down . This is obviously an extreme example of what’s possible, but when the technology is applied in normal run-of-the-mill interactive agency ways (producing a new website for a client that’s both cross-browser and cross-platform compatible, for example) the potential and power is huge.

So long as you keep your JavaScript clean, elegant and easy to read, we can all look forward to a brighter future the old school way.

Rob Barton

Head of Interactive + Principal