Ben Leftwich | March 14, 2013

Reminding ourselves of where we live

With a couple of new additions to BB&P, one permanent, the other here consulting on a project, we thought it would be fun to show off a bit of what Cayman has to offer. With that in mind, we took a quick mid-week boat trip up to North Sound after work to hang with the stingrays before they went to sleep for the evening. hosting information . Cayman Islands where is We were only lucky enough to spot a couple, but that was probably all that our new staff could handle.

The trip reminded all of us to take a look up from our desks occasionally and remind ourselves of where we’re living in the world. It’s not many places that the reef’s just 20 minutes away by boat (and that includes 10 minutes to fill up the tank and load the beers).

We had a great evening together filled with far too many inappropriate stories, but nothing beats a few after work drinks on the water.

Ben Leftwich

Account Director