Ben Leftwich | March 10, 2016

Making customers care about your brand

Look, we need to talk.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. I’ve just been trying to find the right words. I finally know how to say it.

I don’t give a shit about your brand.

Let’s be honest, though, it’s you, not me. You keep going on about how great you are, what you’re up to, how much money you’ve made. But I don’t care.

You don’t talk to me about how you’re going to make my life better, or save me money, or give me more time to spend with my friends and family.

All you’re talking about is yourself and what’s going on in your life. You’re like that drunk person at the party who you’re always trying to get away from.

I want to know what you’re going to do for me to make my life better. How is what you’re talking about going to impact me? I know I’m a narcissist, but I’m human, and those two are almost interchangeable.

Please stop insisting I care about how many people you hired, or how much money you made last quarter or the new office space you moved into unless it’s going to make my life better. I’m busy and I don’t have time to care about you, I can barely find enough hours in the day to get everything I need to done.

Tell me what you’re up to, why I should care, how I can take advantage of that great deal you have on and let me get on with my day. Oh, and by the way, I’m a person, not a ‘best practice’ in marketing delivery, or whatever that means.

Put down the marketing textbook jargon and talk to me like a person, look me in the eye, be honest with me, and maybe, if I’m not too busy that day or my kids aren’t screaming at me from the backseat of the car, or my mum isn’t bugging me over text, I’ll start to care about your brand.

Ben Leftwich

Account Director