Ben Leftwich | September 6, 2016

15 Sites We Use for Website Design and UX Inspiration

With website design and user experience constantly evolving, how do you possibly keep up with everything that’s going on in the space? The key is to always have your eyes…

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Ben Leftwich | May 30, 2016

Social Proof in Web Design

Another great take away from Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion is the concept of social proof to influence behaviour. Basically, the concept is as follows: when you’re unsure of how…

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Rob Barton | March 2, 2016

Why the customer experience is your top priority

In 2014, Forbes, in collaboration with EY, conducted a survey of 321 US senior executives from a broad spectrum of industries about the evolving role of marketing in a world…

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Rob Barton | April 29, 2015

Designing internal software that looks as good as Apple

In the last few years, and thanks mainly to Apple, digital user-experiences are now finally user-friendly. From comparing and buying insurance online, to analyzing your daily workout routines, the average…

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Rob Barton | January 26, 2015

Why user-experience (UX) should be shaping your business strategy

Business strategy and design thinking haven’t always been on the same page. In fact, until fairly recently, they weren’t even in the same room. People in power-suits gathered around boardroom…

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Rob Barton | December 4, 2013

Journey to a networked nation

An article in today’s Cayman Compass, The private cost of public spending, reminded me of a pitch we made earlier this year to senior government officials: Hon Franz Manderson, Dax…

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Rob Barton | November 22, 2013

Cayman agency builds big app. Welcome to Storipass.

Around about this time last year, we were invited to do some mobile work for a client who dominates the attraction photo business. We put together an all-star team here…

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Rob Barton | March 14, 2013

Rich media, the old school way

There was a time when Flash was the de-facto for rich media on the web, but who would have thought that JavaScript - one of the web's oldest languages -…

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Rob Barton | August 4, 2012

Adding clarity to the Insurance quote process

With a complicated offering and numerous paper-based forms for quotes and claims, visitors to this insurance website were left confused and often ended up picking up the phone. The move…

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