Simon Barwick | February 20, 2017

Looking Back in Amazement

What we graphic designers have gained and lost in the digital era After 23 years, we've been remodelling the agency. Though our new space is smaller, it feels sharper. You…

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Simon Barwick | January 25, 2017

Cracking It. Relax. There’s a trick to solving creative problems.

Back in the day as a cub art director, and desperate to prove myself, I'd make myself physically sick with the effort of trying to crack a creative brief. The…

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Simon Barwick | September 1, 2016

The Secret Ingredient in Every Powerful Brand

Perhaps more than any other profession, lawyers are fixated by rankings. Firms devour the annual lists of rankings put out by the legal industry media. Visit any law firm’s website…

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Ben Leftwich | August 23, 2016

Brand Launch Checklist

Whether you’re launching a new brand, or rebranding an existing company, you want to make sure to have a comprehensive list of everything you need to do. Let’s assume you’ve…

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Rob Barton | July 21, 2016

Four guiding principles for branding your startup

We all hear a lot about startups these days. Mainly about the ones that succeed. Their familiar brands sit on the screens of our smartphones, and appear in the news.…

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Ben Leftwich | May 12, 2016

Why marketers need to start paying attention to behavioral economics

Used to be, if you were going into marketing, psychology was a pretty good bet for an educational background. The connections between marketing and psychology are well known and, indeed,…

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Ben Leftwich | April 29, 2016

Being authentic with your audience

The traditional way of marketing was to show the final, polished product only when you were done and ready to go to market. You probably spent months conducting consumer research,…

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Simon Barwick | April 7, 2016

Any Publicity Is Good Publicity. Right?

What's a brand to do when it's caught up in a maelstrom like the Panama Papers? Imagine being the head of PR for Mossack Fonseca. One minute you're signing off…

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Simon Barwick | April 6, 2016

What’s in a Brandname?

If you were launching a totally new brand, how would you go about naming it? Or perhaps if your business already exists, how should you evaluate its brandname? It’s true…

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Ben Leftwich | March 10, 2016

Making customers care about your brand

Look, we need to talk. I’ve been thinking about this for some time now. I’ve just been trying to find the right words. I finally know how to say it.…

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Ben Leftwich | March 7, 2016

Give your blog personality: have an opinion

Most company blogs suck. Everyone is so worried about offending that they never actually proffer a real perspective. The result: they end up with a boring blog. Please don’t be…

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Rob Barton | March 2, 2016

Why the customer experience is your top priority

In 2014, Forbes, in collaboration with EY, conducted a survey of 321 US senior executives from a broad spectrum of industries about the evolving role of marketing in a world…

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Simon Barwick | September 25, 2013

Personality. That’s what your brand needs.

Is your brand lifeless, boring and me-too? Maybe it's time for a mascot. Brand mascots are as old as the hills and no way they're relevant to today's sophisticated but…

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Simon Barwick | March 1, 2013

The eternal marketing challenges of the island property developer

Let’s assume you’re a Caribbean-based developer planning a high-spec, multi-home community on an exquisite oceanfront site. Your marketing war chest is by no means unlimited and you soon find yourself…

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