Ben Leftwich | March 14, 2013

2013 and the agency’s buzzing

As 2013 gets under way, a number of projects remain in development while still others are starting off in earnest. Although we’d love to show you the work that we’ve been up to, our clients appreciate us waiting until it’s completely polished before we release it to the world.

But what we can tell you is that we’re producing one of the most exciting mobile apps we’ve ever developed. It’ll soon transform an entire business for one of our clients, and we can’t wait until we take the wrapper off and show it to the world. Also, we’re rapidly pushing through a number of new brand and web development projects that you’ll see soon enough.

Meanwhile, recent photographer-in-residence Martyn Poynor, captured the vibe at BB&P. We thought you’d like to see the results of his great work.

Ben Leftwich

Account Director