Rob Barton | August 4, 2012

Adding clarity to the Insurance quote process


With a complicated offering and numerous paper-based forms for quotes and claims, visitors to this insurance website were left confused and often ended up picking up the phone.

The move to a web-based quote system presented an opportunity to simplify the whole process. Through rapid prototyping techniques we were able to quickly organise site content, and streamline the sales funnel. Product information was presented in a clear, simple way, and the number of options the user had to choose from was greatly reduced.

Accordingly, the process didn’t stop there. The rapid prototyping extended across a full feature CMS, allowing the client to manage content across 14 territories in the Caribbean.

Obtaining key stakeholder buy-in through functioning prototypes, we were able to demonstrate precisely how the new website and CMS would work. With the blueprints approved, we seamlessly briefed our design and development teams, saving time and money for the client, and ensuring everyone was on the same page from the get-go.

The end solution was built on a custom PHP framework fully integrated with 3rd party APIs. Finally we leveraged standards compliant HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript to build the responsive presentation layer framework.

View the prototype and have a click around, then compare with the finished website.

Rob Barton

Head of Interactive + Principal