Ben Leftwich | September 6, 2016

15 Sites We Use for Website Design and UX Inspiration

With website design and user experience constantly evolving, how do you possibly keep up with everything that’s going on in the space?

The key is to always have your eyes open, always on the lookout for what’s new, while never forgetting the fundamental principles in good design and user experience that are true regardless of the medium.

That being said, here are 15 sites we check regularly for inspiration when it comes to website design and user experience.

  1. The Webby Awards – always a nice collection of sites, categorised by digital type and sector.
  2. Chrome Experiments – constantly pushing what’s possible with HTML5 and new web technologies.
  3. UI Interactions – great spot for the latest types of interactions, especially in the mobile space.
  4. Dribbble – takes more searching, but a nice spot to look through designer concepts and ideas that may spark a new approach.
  5. Page Transitions – a simply collections of page transitions if you’re looking for an elegant UI element.
  6. The FWA – been around forever, and still a great spot to see the latest in web design and user experience.
  7. Web Design – a subsection of, great articles written by people in the industry on their experience and what they’ve learned.
  8. Behance – like Dribbble, a place for designers to show off their work, but also helps get the creative juices flowing on projects.
  9. Awwwards – another web awards site, but a nice gallery to scroll through to see the latest in what’s pushing the boundaries of design.
  10. Nielsen Norman Group – research-focused approach to user experience that helps make the case for why certain elements work better than others.
  11. Invision –  insight from seminal UX practitioners.
  12. Pinterest – great for general inspiration, trends, and layouts
  13. UX Mag – advocating the pleasure provided between interaction and the user
  14. Communication Arts – not mutually exclusive to web, but a top tier curation of formative design trends
  15. Pttrns – more focused on native app UI, but good ideas for websites as well.

We hope the list inspires your web thinking for your next project, and gives you a small glimpse of the vast experiments companies are running on the web today.

Ben Leftwich

Account Director