Ben Leftwich | August 2, 2016

10 Little Social Media Tricks You May Not Know

When you live your life in social media like we do, you run across a few tricks of the trade that become second nature but aren’t particularly well known. Some of these are newer, some older, but all are a bit hidden.

1 – Post an image first on LinkedIn, then link to the article in the image description. It will make the image take up the full LinkedIn timeline width and a larger height, giving you more real estate compared to the paltry amount you get when you post the article first.

2 – Paste your article link on Facebook then delete the URL once Facebook brings in the article information. You don’t need the full URL to link out to the article.

3 – Ban someone from your Facebook page if they aren’t abiding by your page terms of use. It’s important to keep your community respectful and a safe space for all your customers. There’re few ways to do this which you can find here.

4 – Create a custom Facebook audience using emails. All you need to do is connect your MailChimp email account, or import a list from another program. Then Facebook will search for the matching email addresses and create a custom audience you can use for advertising.

5 – Create your own Snapchat geofilter overlays and define the area they should appear. They’re available for either people or businesses, but do need to follow some pretty strict guidelines.

6 – Make your own private Instagram group. Find a piece of content on Instagram that you like, and comment using @ with at least two people. Assuming you don’t set the comment as public you’ll automatically start your own group, or follow these instructions.

7 – Use WhatsApp on your computer. Works on any computer as it’s all done through the web browser. Simply visit to get started. You obviously need WhatsApp on your phone first.

8 – You get free analytics with your Twitter account. Want to know if anyone is actually reading your tweets and if you’re gaining or losing followers. All you have to do is visit to find out your latest stats.

9 – You can edit a promoted post on Facebook. All you need to do is log in to your Facebook ads manager and deleted the post as an ad. You can then go back to your page timeline and edit the post as you would normally. You’ll lose all the data in your ads manager, but you’ll keep the stats on how many people have seen and interacted with your post.

10 – Get notified every time your favourite Instagram users posts. Take your Instagram stalking to a whole new level. Simply go to their profile and turn on post notifications. Now you’ll be notified every time they post.

Ben Leftwich

Account Director